The Lost Art of Critical Thinking and Leadership with Zac Keller

Zac Keller went to the Naval Academy where he studied History and Engineering. He went on to become a Surface Warfare Officer where he traveled the world and conducted counter-piracy, counter-narcotic and teaching “outside the box” thinking to various Armed Forces. He left active duty in 2014 to start a family and seek adventures in various parts of corporate America.

Zac joined St. Jude Medical and learned how to sell biomedical equipment like pacemakers. He developed a strategy for sales that eventually got him poached by Medtronic. He did well at bringing new technology to market and develop strategies to win business in new verticals. But, something was amiss. He tried consulting, training, and a few other avenues before he finally made the call to slow down, evaluate himself, his gifts, his life, and his direction.

Zac joined the Select Reserves as a Lieutenant Commander in order to help lead our nation to a better future. He loves Sailors, people and being a recruiter allows him to understand people, learning about their behavior, and their motivations. Zac is also pursuing a Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology.

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