Bringing your story to life with Mark Morris

Mark Morris is a professional freelance writer with over ten years of experience and more than 2 million words read by over six million readers. He supplies ghost blogging, eBooks, website content, articles and book writing. He has published over 6000 paid articles and co-authored more than a dozen E-books and three full length non-fiction books.

Currently, Mark is a ghostwriter at Gotham Ghostwriters, one of the premier ghostwriting networks in the business, offering services to all tiers, from first time authors to seasoned thought leaders.

Mark started his first novel at fourteen on a manual Royal typewriter. On about page 60, the ribbon broke and he abandoned the process, but not the writing. He wrote and directed for the stage for almost 20 years and now he’s a freelance writer full time. 

Mark loves good books, great movies and the occasional cold beer, but his favorite thing is an uninterrupted, interesting conversation, although be forewarned, in his books. 

Mark loves to read anything that makes him laugh, or think in ways he hasn’t before, so that’s what he tries to do in his books, challenge the status quo. He started reading a lot at seven, when their TV blew up and his dad refused to replace it. His novels are his getaway from all the busyness of life, so he tries not to take it too seriously. 

Visit Mark Morris at or you can reach out to him via his LinkedIn account

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